About Me

Kjetil Åmdal

“For an economist, you’re not so dumb,” I was only told by an engineer. I don’t think it’s possible to receive a better compliment than that.

I’m a Business Intelligence consultant working at Capgemini in Oslo, Norway. My specialty is analytics and Data Science on the Microsoft platform, and I work mostly within the Azure cloud environment and with Power BI,

I would say I work with Cortana Analytics, which is what it’s called right now, but at the current pace of change at Microsoft it’s probably going to be called something completely different by the time you read this.

Although my academic background is primarily in business, I’m very much an IT guy at heart. I’ve always been intrigued by data and analytics, and working in the Data Science space I’m able to leverage and enjoy both my propensity for business thinking and my desire to get down and dirty with tables and code. If there was ever a field that perfectly marries business and IT, it would be Data Science.

In my hitherto short career I’ve worked with machine learning and predictive modeling within the health and insurance sectors, as well as with analytics and reporting solutions and data warehouse testing in the industrial and financial sectors.

From working with reporting and analytics I’ve learned that it doesn’t really matter how useful and cool your data is if you can’t present it and communicate it to the business in succinct manner, and from working with testing I’ve learned the need for thoroughness and rigor when developing and implementing any kind of process or solution.

These lessons lend themselves well to working within the realm of Data Science, which is where I expect to reside for the foreseeable future.

While this blog is inherently and naturally connected to what I do for a living, note that this is still a personal blog and that the views expressed herein are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer.